What can reflexology help with?


Whilst I can't promise a magic cure, reflexology has benefited a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses. It can help with symptoms of IBS, stress and anxiety, circulation, back and joint pain, headaches and increases energy as well as nerve functionality.

During pregnancy, reflexology is great for helping your body adjust to the major hormonal changes. In fact,many midwifes now recommend reflexology particularly during the third trimester.

Above all else, reflexology is relaxing and that is the very best outcome for our body, mind and spirit.


What is reflexology?


Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy first thought to be used by the Egyptians, based on manipulating reflex points to restore and balance the body naturally. It has been widely used in Asian cultures such as India and China for centuries. Reflexology is a massage technique used primarily on the feet although the hands and face can also be used as well.




What to expect during a treatment?

Pressure is applied by massaging the pressure points on your feet which correspond to different parts of the body. It is incredibly relaxing and many patients fall asleep during treatment.

 Please wear comfortable clothes to allow access to the calf area of the leg. Please try and avoid physical activity immediately following treatment. Choose a quiet day to have treatments. Keep hydrated following treatments.




Will it help me?

A good reflexologist will always take a comprehensive medical history to

ensure there are no contra indications. Whilst we can’t say we 'treat' disease, reflexology stimulates the nervous system and supports the body’s functionality and facilitates a deep level of relaxation. There is now global recognition and growing research from healthcare professionals on the benefits of reflexology.

Look for the qualifications MAR (Member of the Association of Reflexologists) to ensure the quality of your treatments. Look them up at


How often should I have reflexology?

I am always happy to make personal recommendations as to how often treatments should be spaced for maximum effect. Most people have a treatment once a month. 

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IMPORTANT: If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, there will be a charge.